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VST ECS (Thailand) was awarded Best Distributor of the Year 2018 from Hewlett Packard Enterprise

VST ECS (Thailand) Co., Ltd., a member of VST ECS Group, by Mr. Thanate Phunsukhumthana, SVP, Sales & Marketing has garnered 3 awards of "Best Distributor of the Year 2018" including "HPE Compute", "HPE Aruba" and "HPE Pointnext" from Hewlett Packard Enterprise (Thailand). These award-winnings mark that VST ECS (Thailand) has been recognized by HPE of strongly supported and generated a continued growth of HPE products in Thailand throughout the year 2018.

The event "HPE Partner Kickoff 2018" was recently held at VARAVELA Garden Hall, Nawamin Road, Buengkum, Bangkok, Thailand. VST ECS (Thailand)'s executives is Mr. Thanate Phunsukhumthana, SVP, Sales & Marketing, have represented the Company to receive 3 awards from Mr. Palasilp Vichivanives, Managing Director, Hewlett Packard Enterprise (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

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About VST ECS (Thailand)

VST ECS (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (formerly known as The Value Systems Co., Ltd.) was established in Thailand in 1988. Now, VST ECS (Thailand) is a member of VST ECS Group, Hong Kong, a leading ICT distributors in Asia Pacific who accessing thru more than 35,000 channels across China, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, the Philippines, Cambodia, Myanmar and Laos.

VST ECS (Thailand) provides a comprehensive range of IT products through its two core businesses - Enterprise Systems and Distribution. It represents leading-edge products more than 40 brands, and has a subsidiary in Myanmar named ‘ECS Value Myanmar Services Co., Ltd.’, established in April 2014, and in Cambodia named “ECS Value (Cambodia) Co., Ltd.” established in May 2015, for focusing on enterprise systems business especially.

For more information about VST ECS (Thailand), please visit or contact Public Relations Department at Tel. +66 2661 6666, +66 2261 2900 ext. 1133 or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


28 February 2019

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