If your organization is….

an organization specializing in developing, making and selling software and at present has a role as software-house who is specialized in creating software solutions which especially related to Internet of Things (IoT) Technology that enabled on computer hardware or any operating system platform.

Why you should sign on Independent Software Vendor (ISV) program?

To receive a great support and many privileges such as special price products, training in new technology from product vendors such as IOT, BigData, Data Analytic.

Why you should to be a partner of VST ECS (Thailand)?

VST ECS (Thailand) has a wide range of award winning global branded products and solutions. You can choose to prepare and set in the package to meet the needs and requirements of customers perfectly from small to mid and big size of enterprise.

Why you should join the ISV program now?

Because Independent Software Vendor (ISV) program is the best answer suit to you.