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    VST ECS (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
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    275 Soi Lat Phrao 101 (Wat Bung Thonglang), Khlong Chao Khun Sing, Wang Thonglang, Bangkok 10310, Thailand
    Tel. 0-2032-9999
    Fax 0-2032-9989
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    VST ECS (Thailand) Co., Ltd. was established in Thailand in 1988. The company started its business as a distributor representing products from leading IT principals such as Microsoft, Hewlett-Packard and Seagate.

    In 1998, the company introduced its B2B online system to facilitate it customers to search for product information and conduct business transactions online. VST ECS has established the first subsidiary in Myanmar named ‘ECS Value Myanmar Services Co., Ltd.’ since April, 2014 and in Cambodia named “ECS Value (Cambodia) Co., Ltd.” since May, 2015 to focus on IT enterprise business

    In 2001, the company has reorganized to be a Value Added Distribution Company and categorized the products offering into two businesses:

    1) Distribution: providing a range of ICT products comprising of desktop PC, notebook, printer, LCD, smartphone, tablet and etc.
    2) Enterprise Solutions: design, install and implement e-enabling infrastructures for companies interested in e-commerce utilizing a range of enterprise servers, workgroup servers, operating systems, e-commerce application software, system management tools and ICT security products from our ICT principals.

  • Business Model +

    VST ECS (Thailand) is poise to aggressively expand our market shares and building a stronger dealers network. We have also picked up several key agentships such as Asus, Cisco, Dell, D-Link, F5, Fortinet, HP, Huawei, Lenovo, Microsoft, Oracle, Symantec, Vertias and etc. to accommodate our expansion.

    Internet is our core engine
    In order to serve our dealers better and faster, in November 1999, the company has implemented “Value Online” (now call ‘VST ECS Online’), the online information and ordering system, to our dealers in Thailand.

    Part of a regional strategic alliance network
    In November 1998, VST ECS (Thailand) and another 2 ICT distribution Companies; ECS Computer (Singapore) and K.U. Systems (Malaysia), have formed ECS Holdings Company (ECSH) where the majority was owned by NatSteel Electronics Public Company (NEL); the fifth largest electronic contract manufacturer in the world. ECSH has been successfully listed in the Singapore Stock Exchange (SGX) as a symbol of ECS in February 2002. Meanwhile, NEL was acquired by Solectrons, one of the leading contract manufacturers in the world; consequently Solectrons now is the largest single shareholder at ECSH. With the successful listing, ECSH has acquired PCI China; now call ‘ECS Technology (China) Ltd., the 2nd largest IT distribution in China, then acquired Indonesia by forming a joint venture with Harisma Agung Jaya call ‘ECS Indo Pte Ltd.’. The latest acquisition is in Philippines by buying 50% less one share of the entire share capital of MSI-Digiland Philippines, now call “MSI-ECS Phils., Inc.”

    VST Holdings Ltd announced the proposed acquisition of shares and pay-off of 100% options in ECS. Therefore all subsidiaries of the VST ECS Group have gradually announced and began the use of the new "VST ECS" logo to represent the integration and collaboration between the VST Group and ECS Group.

    Presently, VST ECS has foot printed in 9 countries; China, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Philippines, Laos, Cambodia and Myanmar. VST ECS is considered as one of the leading ICT distribution here in Asia Pacific with a network of 35,000 dealers.

    Expanding into Indochina Countries.
    Established the first subsidiary in Myanmar named ‘VST ECS (Myanmar) Services Co., Ltd.’ since April, 2014 to focus on IT enterprise business
    Established the first subsidiary in Cambodia named ‘ECS Value (Cambodia) Co., Ltd.’ since May, 2015 to focus on IT enterprise business.

  • Company Vision +

    To be a Premier Asia-Pacific ICT Company that thinks globally but acts locally, excelling in all our business segments to deliver optimal value to our stakeholders.
  • Company Mission +

    To be the preferred supplier of choice for ICT products and value-added service by building strong customer relationships.
    To sustain our entrepreneurial growth by seeking new markets & businesses.
    To bring the best-of-breed ICT products and services to enhance the competitiveness of our customers’ businesses.
  • Corporate Culture +

    Positive Thinking
    Ownership Spirit
  • Products +

    Accessories: Anitech, Dell, DJI, HP, Lenovo, Wacom
    Auto ID: Intermec, Metrologic
    Cloud Service: Acronis, Inspire-Tech, Hortonworks, Microsoft SPLA, CSP, Symantec, Oracle, Veritas, VMware
    Hyper Converged: DellEMC, HPE, Nutanix
    Monitor: HP, Acer, Lenovo
    NAS: Buffalo
    Network: Arista, D-Link, Extreme, F5, Fortinet, Huawei, HP, Cisco, Cisco Meraki, Simplivity, Tenda
    Notebook: DellEMC, HP, Lenovo, Acer, Asus
    Projector: BenQ, Acer, Vivitek
    Peripherals: BenQ, Honeywell, LG, Samsung
    PC & Notebook: Asus, Acer, DellEMC, HP, Lenovo
    Printer: Brother, Canon, Fuji Xerox, HP
    Scanner: Brother, Canon, Fuji Xerox, HP, Fujitsu
    Server: Acer, Fujitsu, HPE, Lenovo, DellEMC
    Smartphone: Asus, Samsung, Xiaomi
    Software: Adobe, Hortonworks, HPE, Kaspersky, DellEMC, Microsoft, Oracle, Quest, Redhat, Symantec, Veeam, Veritas, VMware
    Storage Solution: Buffalo, DellEMC, HP, NetApp
    Supply: Brother, Canon, HP, Fuji Xerox
    Tablet: Asus, Lenovo, Microsoft, Samsung
    Toner: Brother, Canon, HP, Fuji Xerox
    UPS/Battery: Ablerex, Eaton
    Workstation: HP
  • Revenue +

    2017: 18,853.00 Million Baht
    2016: 18,198.00 Million Baht
    2015: 16,904.00 Million Baht
    2014: 17,801.00 Million Baht
    2013: 17,997.29 Million Baht
    2012: 18,826.22 Million Baht
    2011: 16,351.84 Million Baht
    2010: 14,196.43 Million Baht
    2009: 11,886.27 Million Baht
    2008: 11,307.29 Million Baht
    2007: 10,310.32 Million Baht
    2006: 10,180.62 Million Baht
    2005: 7,877.19 Million Baht
    2004: 6,464.72 Million Baht
    2003: 5,276.06 Million Baht
    2002: 4,424.58 Million Baht
    2001: 4,072.03 Million Baht
    2000: 3,325.38 Million Baht
    1999: 2,001.54 Million Baht
    1998: 1,512.83 Million Baht
    1997: 1,978.93 Million Baht
  • No. of Employees +

    416 persons as at Nov. 2017
  • Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR) +

    VST ECS (Thailand) with leading IT partners attend the "30th Anniversary VST ECS Golf Charity " and present donation to the Kidney Foundation of Thailand
    VST ECS (Thailand) jointly donate items to the “Hong Dai Boon (Charity Shop)” of the Thai Red Cross on 30 years of establishment.
    VST ECS (Thailand) launched a campaign "30th Anniversary VST ECS Give Blood, Save Lives"
    VST ECS (Thailand)’s computer donation supports Royal Thai Army’s affair.
    VST ECS (Thailand) together with Dell provided computers and a color laser jet printer to the Royal Thai Army for the use of the Royal Funeral
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19 March 2019